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Graduation Combo Package - Mariana Robles

The Inspire Tees by Paula 2023 Graduation Combo Package is the perfect way to commemorate your upcoming graduation! This package includes three items that are designed to help you celebrate your achievement in style.

First, you'll receive a custom graduation stole that you can wear over your graduation gown. This stole will be personalized with your name and graduation year, making it a truly unique and special keepsake. You can choose the color of the stole to match your school or personal preferences.

Finally, you'll receive THREE premium all-over t-shirt (SIZE SMALL , MEDIUM  LARGE w/ Proud Mom on back) that features an eye-catching graduation design all over the shirt. This shirt is perfect for wearing to graduation parties or any other celebratory events. It's made from high-quality materials that are both comfortable and durable, ensuring that you can wear it for years to come.

This bundle will also include ONE customized neck tie to accessorize this graduation Combo Package

Overall, the Inspire Tees by Paula 2023 Graduation Combo Package is a fantastic way to commemorate your graduation and show off your school spirit. With three stylish and high-quality items included, you'll have everything you need to celebrate this milestone achievement in style.

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